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Selecting Diva Plastic Surgery is a happy choice for
your beautiful life.

Like the dictionary meaning of "diva" (goddess),
Beauty Diva vows to be the platform for each bright
and shining client.

In order to create a harmonious balance of beauty,
we believe it is through the delicate methods of our
staff and representatives, proven state-of-the-art
medical equipment, implants, and safe anesthetics for
the maintenance of your health and beauty.

Diva Plastic Surgery keeps its principles.

1. We select the best surgical procedure fit to provide natural beauty.
2. We provide complete results for accurate diagnosis and treatment before and after with a personalized 1:1 treatment plan.
3. We are constantly pursuing the health and beauty of our clients.

Choose Diva Plastic Surgery to help set your own personal stage.
We promise to do provide our best efforts to ensure the best beauty for you.
Those who choose Diva Plastic Surgery will be reborn as beautiful diva in today's era.

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Jong Myeong Kim, Director

- Plastic Surgeon
- Current member of the Society of Plastic Surgeons
- Current member of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of the Association of Practitioners
- Current member of the Korea Cleft palate – Craniofacial Association
- Current member of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
- Current member of IPRS (International Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)
- Doctor of Medicine
- Listed as "Health Professor" in the World Biographical Dictionary IBC
(International biographical Centre) (2006)
- A subject of biographical record in "International Health Professional of the Year 2005" (IBC – International Biographical Centre)

Yoon Joo Hwang, Director

- Dermatologist
- Graduate of Konkuk University, College of Medicine
- Specialist of Konkuk University
- Member of Society for Investigative Dermatology
- Member of Society for Laser Medicine
- Member of Society of Aesthetic Surgery
- Member for Obesity Research Group
- Member of Obese Society

  • Introduction
  • Doctors
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For your beautiful future, visit us at Diva Plastic Surgery.[Map]

Address: SeoulshiSeochoguJamwondong 21-7,
KyeongSeung Building 2nd floor

E-mail: diva@diva-ps.com
Phone: 02-542-7002
Fax: 02-542-7705

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday – 10:00am to 7:00pm
Saturday – 10:00am to 4:00pm